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What to look for in retail countertops

The right retail counter is an essential fixture of any brick-and-mortar store, serving as the focal point for customer interactions and transactions. Selecting the right counter for your retail space is a crucial decision that can impact its aesthetics and functionality.

Regarding checkout counters, there are certain standard dimensions that retailers tend to follow. The height of a checkout counter is typically between 36 and 42 inches, with 38 inches being the most common. The width of a checkout counter can vary, but it is typically between 48 and 72 inches.

By choosing the right countertops, retailers can increase customer’s interest by highlighting the main features of the products they display at their stores. Well, one such option is porcelain countertops. Porcelain countertops are a fantastic addition to any retail space thanks to their ability to mesh naturally with a variety of modern designs and styles.

What types of materials are available to retail countertops?

Countertops have many applications in commercial spaces, such as in-office kitchens, reception areas, dining rooms, and more. When designing your commercial space, think creatively about how you can use durable countertop materials. Go-to materials include quartz, granite, porcelain, butcher block, and solid surface.

The countertop material that has the best resale value is properly maintained marble. It may not have the best return on investment due to its initial cost and maintenance demands, though. Also, quartz is a natural stone that’s permanently sealed in resin and remains scratch-resistant, moisture-resistant, and durable. It’s a solid choice for moist and wet environments such as bathrooms and kitchens. Engineered quartz is currently the most popular countertop material for home remodels. Porcelain withstands heat well and is unaffected by direct sunlight, while quartz surfaces can warp or become discolored over time. Both materials are slip-resistant, which makes them good options for flooring. Quartz, however, is best used indoors while many porcelain tiles can be used inside or outdoors.

There are many options when shopping for new countertops. Tec Corp Group proudly offers a great selection of surfaces including granite and other natural stones, quartz, porcelain and ultra-compact, recycled materials, solid surface, laminate, exotic woods, cultured marble, and more. We specialize in creating beautiful custom countertops from a variety of materials. Contact us to see how we can provide a fabrication solution for your business.

Visit our site to experience the captivating effect of creative bathroom and stone countertops for yourself. Our hosts and experts will be delighted to guide you through our exhibitions and advise you on your stone counter or bathroom project.

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How much do retail countertops cost?

Choosing the right countertop material means carefully evaluating your remodel budget, long-term expectations for a given material based on its life span, and the material’s appearance. The cost of countertops ranges from $600 to $7,780, with the average shop owner spending $3,315 to install new countertops. On the extreme low end, you might spend as little as $160 for a small section of ceramic tile countertops, self-installed. But on the flip side, you could spend $9,980 for professionally installed high-end countertops (copper, marble, stainless steel and quartz countertops, for instance). The cost to replace countertops depends on the square footage of your retail’s counter space, the material you choose, local labor rates and other key factors. Generally, marble tops the most-expensive list due in large part to its elegant looks. It will instantly lift your kitchen or bathroom to another level. The bad: It requires some regular maintenance to ensure its legacy. Plan on $75-$250 or more per square foot. Also, for cost-efficient, long-term countertop options, consider granite and other natural stone materials. Sheets of granite are smooth, durable and heat-resistant, making this the perfect material to use in your retail spaces.

Tec Corp Group specializes in custom displays for your retail store. Whether you are renovating or just need to refresh your space, Tec Corp Group can help with all of your custom display needs. When it comes to selecting the perfect checkout counter for your store we have the experience and knowledge to help you select the counter that will best fit your store and provide the ultimate shopping to purchase experience for your customers. The design options are unlimited, choose from laminate, wood, marble, glass and more. We will help find the right color and style match that you are looking for.

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Office & Shop: 157 Toryork Drive, North York, Ontario, M9L 1X9.

You can also contact us at +1 (416) 871-7478 or info@teccorpgroup.com.

Custom retail counters

Selecting the correct counter system is one of the most important decisions you make when you open or remodel a store. The merchandise counter is the focal point of your customer’s experience. Quality retail counter designs are by far by the best opportunity to capture trust and brand loyalty. A custom retail counter, with its distinctive appearance, look like it belongs in your store, because it was designed for your store. In retail, looks mean a lot!

Countertop care & maintenance

Proper maintenance of your new countertop is very important to ensure that you get the most out of your investment.  Whether you have laminate countertops, tile countertops or natural stone countertops, maintenance is the key to making sure they continue to look beautiful for years to come.  Each type of material used on your countertops have different recommendations for maintenance.

Tile countertops are becoming more and more popular with today’s retailers.  Tile adds beauty to your countertops and gives you a durable and easy to maintain product.  As with Laminate Countertops, you want to make sure that you use cutting boards and keep hot items off of your tile.  Tile grout one of your main concerns when it comes to maintenance.  Grout can stain rather easily when not properly sealed.  Grout needs to be sealed once every year to help prevent staining and to make it easier to clean and maintain.  Sealing can be done by anyone and doesn’t necessarily have to be done by a professional.  There are many sealers available at most home improvement stores with specific instructions on how to use them.

Regardless of the type of product you choose for your countertop, proper maintenance is key to making your countertop last longer.  Each manufacturer should have it’s own recommendations on which products to use on them and proper maintenance tips.  Be sure to follow the instructions carefully as improper maintenance usually leads to a voided warranty. By following the specific instructions to your particular countertop material, you can ensure that you will be getting the most out of your product. Also, it is important to use the proper cleaner when cleaning your natural stone countertop.  Some cleaners are too harsh and can easily damage the finish of your natural stone.  A glass cleaner or other cleaners that are specifically recommended for natural stone work best.  It’s also important to avoid liquids that are highly acidic.  Lemon juice and other acidic liquids can also damage the finish on your natural stone countertop.



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Yes, most natural stone countertops require periodic sealing to protect them from stains and moisture absorption. The frequency of sealing depends on the type of stone and its usage.

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